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cien▓t to meet even a Zulu impi.The war i●s remarkable in every way, primarily as the ●first in


stance, since the firearm was ●introduced, in which regular soldiers ca▓me under careful, well-dir


ected, aimed, rifle● fire, and were in every case beaten.● The only parallel insta


nce is that of the ●war of American Independence.There● also a people goaded into

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rm the “Orange Free S●tate .” But now for reasons that
the fu▓t ure histor ian will w
onder at, we annex▓ ed the Tra
nsvaal.Our pas img t experien
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y Blue B img img
ook and Colone l Brac kenbur

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fighting by wron●g were victorious; and succeeded both because t▓he justice of their cause strengthened t●heir moral fibre, and their guerilla war▓fare, for it was often little▓ else, was in many c

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ases accompanied by caref▓ul shooting.But the difference in t●he nature of the weapons at t●he end of the eighteenth and that of th▓e nineteenth century is so g●reat as to mark, by the heavy l▓oss

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the defeated troops sustained●, the terrible nature of modern rifle fire whe●n carefully directed. The Transvaal● had been annexed in 1877, though in 185●2 it had been recognised as a▓ free and

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independent State; the rea▓son assigned, among others equally unreasonab

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